Who, me?

Welcome to Mummy Bean, let me tell you a bit about our story...

Are you ready for this? Right, the last 18 months have looked a little something like this (take a deep breath)...

Moved to Australia, got a fantastic job in Sydney, moved to a great apartment, FELL PREGNANT, gave it all up and headed home, lived with in-laws for a while, moved home, was informed I wasn't entitled to maternity pay two weeks before due date, gave birth to my gorgeous daughter Belle by emergency c-section under GA, started my own business... and breathe.

So now?  Well, I work from home running The Marketing Bean whilst looking after Belle full time. I love my life as a work at home mummy so have decided to blog about it, and hopefully encourage others to do the same.

What about the person behind Mummy Bean...? that's me, Shelley - hi!  I don't take myself too seriously, I'm a bit dippy but do have a good business brain on these shoulders. I have a wonderful family, my mum is my rock and inspiration. I'm engaged to James, the love of my life, my proof reader and best friend. Then there's the newest edition, Belle, she is 8 months now and the absolute light of my life, cheeky, funny and silly (doesn't take after her mum at all) :) She is just amazing.

So, join me as I continue building my new business, planning my wedding and working out how to be the mummy that Belle deserves! Grab a cuppa, some biscuits, and join me.