Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Time for exercise as a working mum - your joking right?

I did warn you about the pretty girls
Before Belle my idea of exercise was the calories I burnt in my skyscraper heels, dancing on a Saturday night, glass of wine in hand.  I had joined, not attended, and promptly cancelled, many a gym membership in my time as dinner and TV always seemed the better option, well... Eastenders was on!

Now, I need to exercise!  After having Belle by emergency c-section my tummy said bye bye flatness hello lumpy bumpy!  Not to mention the damage my love of chocolate Hob Nobs during pregnancy did to my thighs.

The thought of going to a gym, surrounded by fit, young, pre baby bodies scared me to death.  So once I got over my c-section I pulled out an old exercise DVD.  It's called 'Pump it up, hi-energy'.  Now, don't let the high energy bit fool you, I only do one section of this DVD a morning.  It takes 15 mins to do the section called 'tone it up' and let me tell you, tone it up it does!  Mr Mummy Bean is very happy.

I do the DVD after Belle has had her breakfast and she sits in her Bumbo and loves watching mummy make a fool of herself.  Then, after 15 mins, job done and I can get on with the rest of the day without thinking about exercise.  I also find by doing it in the morning it makes me not want to eat the naughty things (did I say my love of chocolate Hob Nob's was just a pregnancy thing...? woops)

I figure that I burn enough calories carrying 19lbs of baby up and down the stairs everyday to bother with the whole DVD, and living in a three storey town house, that's a lot of stairs.  Let alone all the aeroplane, swinging and lifting games.  Being a mummy is exercise enough, which is my excuse for skipping straight to the tone it up section, it's just a pain when a certain little bean has hidden the remote control.

I have in no way been asked or paid to promote this DVD, it's like 100 years old, but I would recommend it.  There are some very pretty girls doing the exercises half naked but I just pretend it's a mirror :)


  1. Hello :)
    First time to visit your blog, i started doing a fitness game on my wii but just can't stick 2 it, once lil one gone bed I feel too tired.. By the way I am following your blog, mine is www.mum2alesha.blogspot.com x

  2. What a great review! Thanks for your thoughts. :)

  3. Following you now and hope you can do the same. : )

  4. Hi. I am following you back now. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I look forward to reading yours. Oh boy do I need some fitness advice. Where do you find the time is the quetstion I have. LOL,.


  5. good for you for making the effort!
    keep at it! I have an exercise dvd - still in the packet.

  6. thanks for following. im following you back.

  7. "I have in no way been asked or paid to promote this DVD, it's like 100 years old, but I would recommend it. " This cracked me up. I think Mommy's are on the never ending searching for tight tummys! Following you from Social Moms :-)