Thursday, 17 March 2011

We made it to the parachute - Yay!

Love them or hate them we've all attended a 'baby group'.

My local one is called, Babygrowz. Lots of nursery rhymes and bubble blowing rounded off with the grand finale that is, the parachute.

I've been lucky enough to meet some amazing mums, that are now firm friends, since Belle's arrival. We all attended Babygrowz together after having a 'taster session' in our first time mums group. (they know how to get you don't they, sign up here sleep deprived, vulnerable mummy's) 

Belle was the crier of the class. Yep, you know, there's always one and she was mine

I was that flustered new mum, dropping things, scrambling through changing bags, getting myself in a state, trying everything to calm her down. Stressful.

So, after 3 months of tears and tantrums, we never made it to the parachute at the end of the class. By that point I'd either be standing in the corner rocking her, sitting at the side feeding her or had just given up all together and had made a sharp exist out of there.

I was never embarrassed by her crying, just frustrated that she didn't want to be the happy, smiley little baby she was at home.

I really envied the other girls with their calm, quiet babies and feared that they judged my ability as a mummy.

I decided to stop going to Babygrowz just before Christmas. It seemed silly to be paying for the 10 minutes we were enjoying.

This week, one of the girls got in touch and asked me along for another go. Assuring me that, as the rest of the group had now started teething, babies were crying left, right and centre. So we went along, fingers crossed. (not for crying babies though, honest)

The first hurdle was the 'sit and listen' session.  They put on classical music and the babies are supposed to sit nicely and listen, for TWO WHOLE minutes, ha ha. Belle had always moaned within, erm, 10 seconds beforehand, but... she did it, two complete minutes of silence.

Time flew and before we knew it the class was nearly over. My friend shot me a smile from across the room, we had made it to the parachute!  I was so proud of my little girl, and Belle had loved it.

If at first you don't know the rest ;) 


  1. I can totally relate. I have left many a class because my son has thrown a tantrum:) I know that all the kids (just like the parents) have their days. I am glad that you gave it another try. I am now a follower of your wonderful blog:)

  2. Aw, how lovely! We used to go to Baby Sensory which always had some sort of parachute finale.

    I remember new parenting classes though when my daughter was tiny and had colic - it was awful. One class I was teary before I even go there. The HV's took one look at me in the class and took my daughter off me to give me a break. It's no fun when they are screaming and you just feel so useless in front of all the other 'perfect' mums with their 'perfect' little cherubs grrrr.

    Glad Belle (and you) had a good time x

  3. I was the one crying at my local “Mums' Group” all those years ago. Maybe they’ve improved in 16 years. It was assumed that women with new babies MUST therefore have so much more in common. I HATED IT and couldn’t even crack a joke without the stares. Oh Lord, those stares. Shudders.

  4. I really admire your perseverence. I pretty much gave up with groups with my firstborn - I'm still not sure I've quite recovered from him screaming as if he was being murdered in a particularly peaceful baby yoga class. With my second though I was the smug mummy enjoying every moment!

  5. I bethink new parenting classes admitting if my babe was tiny and had colic

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